What Is Insect Screen?


It is a screen (also known as insect screenbug screen, mosquito screenflyscreenwire mesh) that is designed to cover the opening of a window to prevent insects pest, particularly mosquitoes/flies/lizards, or small animals or pet such as cat or rat from entering into the premises for food which may posts a health threat to you.

This is especially useful to prevent Dengue Fever by stopping the mosquitos entry.

Why Choose Magardnet?


We are proud of our insect screen products and quality & services are our commitment and priority to ensure peace of mind for our customers.


So Why Choose us?

  • We deliver quality durable products at affordable price
  • Our price is one of the most competitive in the market
  • We custom measure and fabricate to the size of your window to eliminate all hassles
  • You can count on our years of experience and knowledge to ensure the product is a perfect fit for your home


Insect Screen Philippines

Features Of Insect Screen


  • No Nailing, No Hacking, No Knocking as it is magnetic
  • Uses Heavy Duty & Lasting 3M Industrial Double Side Tapes
  • Quality Screen/Mesh/Net, small holes where most insects like mosquitoes, flies, lizards, cockroaches etc cannot enter
  • Screen looks Invisible beyond 1m
  • Allows 90% of wind/air to pass through
  • Screen is easily removable, washable and easy to maintain
  • Custom made to order that Fit nicely onto your windows frame
  • Cuts Ultra Violet Lights from Sun, reduce sun glare
  • Stops small Rain Drops from coming in
  • Quick installation within half a day (depending on size & number of windows)

Benefits Of Insect Screen


  • Stops insects like mosquito, flies, lizards into your premise
  • Prevents Mosquito-Borne Diseases such as Dengue, Zika, Malaria, etc at home, protect your loved ones!
  • Eco-Friendly pest control product where no electricity is needed like the Bug Killer machine.
  • Keeps the House Clean as it stops dust & ashes from coming in
  • Let wind and airflow through while stopping insect entry

Our Process

Here are the steps on how we engage you to deliver the insect screens.

  1. Request for quote
  2. Confirmation and downpayment*
  3. Schedule installation
  4. Installation and settlement

* Payment on-site also accepted



Product Pricing

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Do For You

From PHP 3000/2 Sqm

– Site Visit To Measure & Quote

– Custom Cut To Measure

– One Day Installation (Average 2-3 hrs)

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From PHP 500

– Screen Mesh/Net

– Magnetic Strips

– Secure Clips

– Corner Holder Clips

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