How to Get Rid of Cockroaches


Are you out of your wits trying to fight off a major cockroach problem in your home? Cockroaches are no doubt the last pests people would like to see invading their homes.

Good thing that you can now swiftly deal with cockroach infestations with the use of different home remedies. Doing it sooner is always better, after all.

Below are several steps you can take to make sure that you can say goodbye to pesky roaches once and for all.


Clear Away Debris and Food


Your house can become an inviting open target for cockroaches if there are food and leftovers lying exposed and out in the open.

Always make sure that you remove leftovers of food, throw your garbage bags regularly, and seal off the food inside tightly-sealed containers.

Cockroaches are going to look elsewhere if they can no longer find food that they can feed on inside your home.


De-clutter Your House


Roaches might as well be among the most versatile creatures that ever grazed the planet. They don’t only feed on your food as they can also feed on many other items including dirt, glue, and paper.

Now is the perfect time for you to sweep and clean through your house and get rid of items that you no longer need.

Discard those piles of old newspapers and magazines that have been lying around for ages. Donate or get rid of household items that may only collect dust after some time.


Get Rid of Moisture


It generally applies to all homeowners in Metro Manila known for its dry climate. Roaches are going to find their way inside homes when they sense that there are lots of moisture or water supplies there.

Examine your house carefully and fix or repair any leaking pipe. Eliminate standing water that could have accumulated outside or inside your property.


Set Up Sticky Traps


Prepare several units of sticky roach traps then set these up around your home.

Roach traps can also help you identify the entry points of roaches if some traps capture more cockroaches compared to others. These traps use glue that is very sticky, though, so make sure you don’t touch it when placing the units around your home.

You can also increase your luck if you place these traps during nighttime when cockroaches tend to be more active.


Seal Up Entry Points


Finally, make it hard for cockroaches to find entry points to your house to get rid of them for good.

Seal up crevice and cracks on the walls, and look for ways to eliminate openings around drains and pipes.

Remember that cockroaches can get through even the smallest gaps so ensure that you check and seal up everything. Better yet, install insect screens that will give you the peace of mind that not even a single cockroach will find its way inside your living spaces.


With the help of insect screens, you could now finally say goodbye to those pesky roaches and all the inconveniences they bring with them.


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