How to Get Rid of House Lizards


Different types of lizards live in different forms of climates all over the world. Most lizards are insectivorous and serve as natural forms of pest control against ants, termites, cockroaches, and many other insects.

But, despite their help, lizards still belong outdoors in their own natural habitat. They are only attracted indoors because of warm temperatures, presence of insects, moisture, as well as other factors. When found inside homes, lizards are prone to be trapped that can result in their death. Cats can also hunt them and they can get hurt.

Good thing that there are several humane ways you can try to get rid of house lizards and discourage them from entering your house again.


Clean Cabinets below the Sink


This is a favorite spot where lizards hang out and lay eggs. They love the place because it is usually warm and damp. Pipes with leak also serve as a generous source of water from them. Check those cabinets under the sinks regularly. Keep them as dry as possible.


Remove Potted Plants and Fruits


Lizards will come chirping at night if there are fruit bowls left on your table. In case you don’t know it, lizards also eat not only fruits but even potted plants, if you have any.

The last thing you want is to have lizards nibbling on your fruits. They may also be the culprit behind those small holes and rips in the leaves of your potted plants. Try to have fewer potted plants and fruits out in the open to reduce the number of lizards scurrying around your living spaces.


Use Garlic


Cut one clove of garlic then leave this on areas where lizards are not welcomed. The smell of garlic is enough to drive them away. Cut garlic can also be placed near a table fan that will blow the smell across a room. Just make sure that you cut the clove or else, it will not work at all.


Apply or Spray Mosquito Repellent Liquid


Maybe you have some mosquito repellent stashes around the house. If you have one can or two, you can use this to get rid of house lizards.

All you have to do is apply or spray the liquid to the spot where lizards often pass. If you know their hiding spot, you can also spray it there.

How does this liquid help get rid of lizards? It may be partly because the scent of chemicals drives them away. It can also be because of the fact that mosquitoes are food sources for lizards. If there are fewer mosquitoes in your home, then, you will also find fewer lizards.


Lower Room Temperature


Lizards don’t have the ability to regulate their body temperature. Although they can survive almost anywhere in the world, there are fewer lizards in cold climates. You can turn up your AC unit to keep your room cold. Just don’t overdo it to ensure that your bill doesn’t get too high. Or better yet, why not install an insect screen instead so that you can get rid not only of house lizards but also other insects?

With an insect screen, you can have the peace of mind knowing that lizards won’t be wandering around your home ever again with no need for you to cause them physical harm.



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