How to Get Rid of Spiders


Spiders are common pests indoors and outdoors alike. These eight-legged crawling pests are not only frightening because of their appearance as they can also be potentially dangerous. Just trying to imagine that there is a dangerous spider lurking in one corner of your house is more than enough to unsettle you.

The good news is that it is possible to ward off these creepy crawlies and free your home of their dangers and risks once and for all.


Kill Them on Sight


It is impossible for spiders to infest a house as a group unless several eggs recently hatched. This means that killing each spider on sight is one of the most effective ways to keep these insects under control, particularly if you combine it with the rest of the steps below.

Take note that jumping spiders, as well as other similar species, are very good when it comes to slipping into corners or under baseboards so make sure you kill them right away before they manage to escape.


Clean Your Home


While you try to kill every spider that catches your attention, use this time to clean up your house as well.

Take a cobweb cleaner or broom to clean out every corner, fan, ceiling space, and other spots where there are buildups of spider webs. Even when the spiders are already dead, these webs may still harbor eggs or hide rival spiders that are just waiting for the right time to take over.

After you do this, vacuum all your baseboards and carpets thoroughly. Ensure that you also get every single corner. This will help get rid not only of spiders but also of spider eggs and other bugs that serve as food of these spiders that might be hiding in those cracks on your floors.


Use Residual Sprays


If there is a bad case of spider infestation in your home like a recent outbreak because of hatched spider eggs, you will need more powerful and potent countermeasures.

You can use a residual spider spray to address the issue. These pesticides are known for being toxic and they can also create a lingering poison patch that will continue killing spiders for several weeks if there are new invaders that will try setting up their webs.

You can use these sprays in hard to reach corners where spiders likely hide away from kids and pets.


Seal Your Home Properly


Sooner or later, spiders are going to dry up and face their death if they don’t get to catch any bug that can serve as their food. This is why it is a must that you seal up your home well.

A spider may accidentally make it inside your house but will never have any source of food. Keep your windows and doors fully screened with the use of insect screens when open. Ensure that the weather stripping around windows and door don’t leave any gaps as well.

Ward off other insects and flying pests before they can serve as a feast for spiders with the help of insect screens that can keep both predators and preys off your home.


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