How to Keep Bees and Wasps Away


Bees play an important role in nature but having bees and wasps around your home may pose some danger because of their sting.

There is also the dilemma of keeping them away with no need to use toxins that can cause them serious harm. And then, there is also the issue that wasps are more aggressive and dangerous than bees, giving you all the more reason to deter them as much as possible.

Read on discover some ways and products that you can try to keep bees and wasps away from your home:


Use Essential Oils


You can start by using several essential oils that can effectively and safely repel bees and wasps. When used on its own, peppermint oil is found to keep bees and wasps at bay. You can also try to use the combination of lemongrass, geranium, and clove essential oils as a natural method for pest control.

To properly use these oils, combine several drops with a small amount of dish soap and water. Mix them in a spray bottle then spray it on outside parts of the house where wasps and bees are likely to build their nests, such as under porch roofs, eaves, and other crevice and ledges.


Set Up Wasp Traps


An effective and inexpensive age-old method to keep wasps at bay is by setting up wasp traps. These traps can work by luring in bees and wasps using a tempting substance such as sugar water then preventing them from backing out.

You could try making this trap yourself. You just need to cut off the top of a two-liter bottle then invert it in the bottom. You can also buy these traps from the local garden and home retailer or online.


Dispose of Garbage Properly


If you have an existing bee or wasp problem, the presence of food wastes left out in the open can further aggravate the issue. Make sure that you avoid disposing of your food wastes in the yard. Seal all outdoor trash cans tightly. If there is a compost pile in your yard that causes pest control issues, you can also try to compost indoors.


Patch Up Crevices and Cracks


What is even worse than having bees and wasps in the yard is finding out that they already managed to get inside your house. The best and surefire way of keeping these insects out of your house is preventing them from entering in the first place.

This can be done by sealing all those small cracks in your house using a waterproof caulk. You can also patch up holes in the windows or replace them altogether. This is a pest control method that is most effective before wasps and bees become active once again.

You can also consider installing insect screens as these are among the best ways to get rid not only of bees and wasps but also of other insects. Insect screens are effective, safe, and affordable methods that will keep you and your family safe from painful stings!



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