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Insect Screen Specialist in the Philippines


At Insect Screen Specialist, we firmly believe that the safety and protection of your home and premises should always be your top priority.

In Metro Manila and the rest of the Philippines, there is one problem that people constantly have to deal with – the presence of mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, lizards, spiders, and many other types of insects. The bad news is that all of them can be a complete nuisance, not to mention that they exist all year round.


Insect Screen Specialist Philippines


We at Insect Screen Specialist have the perfect remedy for your buggy problem. With our clever and state of the art insect screen solutions, you now have the chance to enjoy your living spaces no matter what time of the year it might be.

Whether you need a screen for your windows, your doors, or your gates, we will help you find the right product that will match your needs and your house in terms of function and look. We will also make sure that you will be making the most out of your investment because all our products are guaranteed to last long.


Our Insect Screens are More Than Your Ordinary Screen Solutions


With the products from Insect Screen Specialist, you can get custom made screens for almost any part of your home with no need for you to exert too much effort. Since every screen is tailor-made, you can be sure that it will adapt to the existing surroundings and even to the most unusually shaped windows, doors, and gates.

Thanks to our insect screens, you can look forward to having fun and relaxing days and nights. Our innovative insect screens can also effectively keep out dust and ashes. This can lessen your worries about airborne particles known to compromise the air quality inside your home and post serious risks to asthma and allergy sufferers. In addition, we have also made sure that our products are easy to clean and wash so you will have a happier and stress-free time of using them anytime, every time.


Experience the Difference of Insect Screen Specialist


Our company stays true to our commitment to offering only the highest quality of invisible insect screens for Metro Manila customers with fittings and finishing that are second to none. Despite being the number one go-to name in the business for years, Insect Screen Specialist continues to raise the bar through product innovations and quality improvement. We carry a wide range of top of the line magnetic insect screens that can help you control insects and pests around your home in a safer and more eco-friendly way.


Let the Professionals Handle the Job


We understand that you might want to deal with the problems by yourself but we do not recommend going DIY when it comes to your insect screens. Doing so will only put you at risk of wasting your money, not to mention that there is no assurance that you will be getting the kind of results you want. Instead, let our professional team of specialists do the job on your behalf so you can just sit back and relax as we handle everything from beginning to end.

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Our Insect Screen Applications


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