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Window Screens Philippines


Window screens Philippines are a type of mesh meant to cover window openings while windows are open. Also colloquially known as bug screens or insect screens, window screens serve to prevent insects, animals, and debris from entering the premises while windows are open and at the same time, allow fresh air to come in and circulate. A window screen is usually mounted over the window’s outer frame outside its glass.

Windows are among the most crucial parts of a home’s construction. They provide ventilation, light, security and a host of other benefits. Window screens are essential to help windows perform all of these functions in a secure and safe way. With the installation of window screens, it becomes possible to have a healthy and comfortable indoor living space.


Window Screen Philippines


Window screens can be made of metal wire, aluminum, fiberglass, nylon, or polyester. Others are also made of stainless steel, galvanized steel, or copper. While there are window screens that stretch in frames made of metal or wood, there are others that can be rolled into a pocket if not in use.

Today, customers can choose from a wide variety of window screens that can make it a bit confusing to find the right one that suits your home. But, knowing the benefits of window screens will make it easier for you to reach the right decision.


Benefits of Window Screens


Traditional window screens are usually damaged easily, difficult to detach or remove, and rigid. This is the reason why more modern window screens have come to existence to offer an innovative solution that addresses the issues posed by traditional window screens.

Window screens these days are easier to install, with little to almost no need for paint, and are even resistant to damages. These are also lightweight and attractive without the need for painting because they can snap directly into the frame pocket for minimal visibility. Here are some of the most notable benefits of installing window screens Philippines:


  • Excellent ventilation – A window screen lets fresh air flow inside your home while keeping you protected from unwanted outdoor elements.


  • Added layer of protection – Just like all types of screens, window screens help keep insects, pests, leaves, and other debris from entering your premises. These can also help reduce the entry of some other types of external elements like rainwater.


  • Regulates sunlight and heat – In places like Metro Manila where the weather tends to be hot, window screens will help reduce sunlight and heat. This means that it can prevent any sun damage to your carpets and furniture and lower your cooling costs. Window screens can also minimize the entry of UV rays for as much as 75% and enhance privacy at the same time.


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Our Window screens have been made to be more damage-resistant and durable than your typical screens. They have been designed to have the ultimate durability that can make them last for many years.

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